Horizon Forbidden West Still Doesn’t Have a Release Date: A Disappointment for Fans

horizon forbidden west still doesnt have a release date

The Development Challenges:

Developing a game as ambitious as Horizon Forbidden West comes with its fair share of challenges. From creating intricate gameplay mechanics to designing breathtaking visuals, the development team at Guerrilla Games has their work cut out for them. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted workflows and caused delays in various industries, including the gaming sector. The team at Guerrilla Games has been vocal about the difficulties they have faced due to remote work and other pandemic-related issues. These challenges have undoubtedly impacted the development timeline of Horizon Forbidden West, making it difficult to pinpoint an exact release date.

Furthermore, the developers have emphasized their commitment to delivering a high-quality experience for players. They want to ensure that every aspect of the game meets their standards and lives up to the expectations set by its predecessor. This dedication to excellence may be another reason why a release date has not been announced yet. The developers understand the importance of delivering a polished product that will captivate players and maintain the reputation of the Horizon franchise.

Managing Fan Expectations:

The absence of a release date for Horizon Forbidden West has left fans feeling frustrated and anxious. Many were hoping to dive back into Aloy’s world in 2021, but as the year progresses, the lack of information becomes increasingly disheartening. The developers at Guerrilla Games are aware of these sentiments and have been actively engaging with the community to manage expectations.

In recent interviews and social media posts, the developers have expressed their gratitude for the fans’ patience and support. They have assured players that they are working tirelessly to deliver a game that exceeds expectations. While this may not provide a concrete release date, it does offer some reassurance that the game is still in active development and progress is being made.

Marketing Strategy:

The absence of a release date for Horizon Forbidden West could also be a deliberate marketing strategy. By keeping the release date under wraps, the developers can generate more anticipation and buzz around the game. This tactic has been employed by various studios in the past, where they strategically withhold release dates to build excitement and maintain a level of mystery surrounding the game. However, it is crucial for developers to strike a balance between building anticipation and keeping fans engaged without causing frustration or disappointment.

The Impact on the Gaming Community:

The lack of a release date for Horizon Forbidden West has undoubtedly had an impact on the gaming community. Fans who were eagerly awaiting the game’s release have been left in limbo, unsure of when they will be able to continue Aloy’s journey. This uncertainty can lead to frustration and even disinterest among some players. Additionally, the absence of a release date has left a void in the gaming calendar, with many fans eagerly awaiting news about one of the most anticipated games of the year.


While the absence of a release date for Horizon Forbidden West may be disappointing for fans, it is essential to understand the challenges faced by the developers at Guerrilla Games. The ongoing pandemic, development complexities, and a desire for excellence all contribute to the delay in announcing a release date. It is crucial for players to remain patient and trust that the developers are working diligently to deliver a game that lives up to the high standards set by its predecessor. As the gaming community eagerly awaits further updates, the anticipation for Horizon Forbidden West continues to grow, ensuring that when it finally arrives, it will be a momentous occasion for fans worldwide.

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